As we Celebrate the launch of A Leg-Up for Ex-Batts - Thank You for joining US! February 12, 2015 11:03

Visiting our online shop makes you our valued guest and we appreciate your time and interest. We do hope you enjoy the experience and we aim to keep it all fun and interesting; inspiring many smiles!

After the launch we look forward to a regular, interesting and educational blog spot here! Keep coming back to read about new developments with my artwork and in the world of chickens!

We will enjoy talking to you about our products and how we were inspired to create them; what we have used to make them and the reasons why we were motivated and excited to launch our online collections for all to 'Henjoy'!We hope you will support us and spread the word as we encourage everyone to appreciate our chickens as intelligent pets and worthy of our love and time!

Love & pecks

Jane, Jo and their 'girls'. xxx