Chickens are such fun to have around! February 24, 2015 12:42

After waiting years to have my own chickens I am delighted to be a keeper of 5 hens and will take in more rescued ex-batts whenever I can. Having ex-batts is addictive, you can never have enough!

It's only since I have been writing about chickens that I have realised why I feel so compassionate towards them. It's been a cathartic journey as I have looked at why both my heart and my head relate to these girls as I do.  I empathise with ex-battery hens particularly because I relate to the hardship of their incarceration and cruel confinements during their egg laying year in those horrendous commercial caged and barn systems.

I want ex-battery hens to have all the fun and freedom they deserve after all 'Girls just wanna have Fun!'