Discount Voucher - take advantage next 2 weeks on Giving Tuesday! December 01, 2015 15:06

Dear Friends

Thank you for supporting ethical art and our environment. 

Our gift today and for the next two weeks is a discount voucher, please enjoy!

In light of the leaders from 147 nations currently addressing 'Climate Change' issues at the meeting in Paris, known as COP21, we are here adding our valued support and contributing all we can to reduce the #waronwaste that causes so much pollution.

The art you find here is all up-cycled and created from textiles discarded. These textiles would end up in landfill, if not intercepted for our ethical artwork!

Today with a growing population mindful of environmental issues and concerns we appreciate that our powerful and innovative message is a visual prompt and a fun way to educate those ethically-aware and wishing to be inspired.

We hope our compassion for the environment and all animals, but especially chickens




will encourage a revolution for change knowing that what we do is a pre-requisite for a life that is cruelty free, wholesome and nurturing a lifestyle for sustainable living!

Every positive thought and sustainable action we make TODAY will have the right effect towards saving the life of our planet and all of us, as we will benefit and enjoy it!!

Jane and her Hen Team x